About Bubble Butler

Bubble Butler: “It’s a little embarassing, but you know…”

This is Bubble Butler corporation company website area about leadership hierarchy

Terry of Bubble ButlerTerry is CEO overlord, and leadership quality #1. Powers down 2 minute intervals, saving money means more savings for you.

Hobbies include bass fishing , weekend grilling, writing poems in his online diary, and maintaining friendster page.


Larry 2000Larry 2000 is Chief of the Financial Officers. Powered by Intel Pentium 3, found in Radio Shack parking lot.

Larry works part time as a lottery machine to make ends meet. Find him on mySpace.


BarryBarry is unpaid marketing intern, brother of Larry 2000. Brings much taglines at low cost, passing savings to you.

Previous experience: bartending at TGI Fridays.


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